The inaugural lecture of Prof. dr. Dr. Gerda Croiset, education director VUmc School of Medical Sciences, was seized upon for an impressive intervention on diversity, developed by artist Lina Issa. The intervention involved four questions: “Who is the other? When do you feel most vulnerable? When are you an interpreter or do you need an interpreter? How do you learn empathy?” In the weeks leading up to the meeting, Lina asked these questions to students, specialists, doctors, nurses and chefs from the world kitchen of VUmc. The answers were now on the chairs in the hall. The 180 participants were asked to read aloud the answer in their envelope. This made a deep impression and was the first step towards a clear vision of inclusiveness and diversity in education and – as it turned out later – it was also the seed of a new committee within MFVU, the faculty association: D.O.C.S. (Diversity. Open. Culture. Students.). A committee that stands for diversity in the broadest sense of the word, with the main aim being to make an essential contribution to the development of a learning climate in which diversity is seen as wealth and where it is optimally used.