Many organizations are faced with the same problem: a vision that never leaves the paper. It sticks to a few nicely formulated sentences that everyone has their own opinion about. As a result, the A4 with vision ends up in a drawer and only reappears at the next teambuilding day.

A waste.

That it can be done differently with a little bit of courage, proved The Hague University of Applied Sciences. At their request, we developed a special program. A program in which all members of the management teams from various departments and faculties and the Executive Board participated. This consisted of various parts and interventions that were aimed at investigating the vision. That gave them the space to give their opinion and to talk to each other. The possibility to share with others what this vision means for themselves and for their team. And that gave them the tools to communicate the vision to their employees with their own personal story. Confronting, but – everyone agreed afterwards – also enlightening, positive and surprising.