“In everything I do I am curious about the sources that live in people. What kind of knowledge is there in you? What kind of experiences live inside? And do you translate these into wisdom and a drive? I like to work with people, groups, artists, colleagues, etc. We often look forward, focus on the things we lack or find that we have not sufficiently developed. That what makes us who we are, we might experience as (too) self-evident. I like to turn it around. How can you make better use of who you are and what you carry with you? Nothing is self-evident! ”

The work of Annemiek puts you face to face with vulnerability; with a unique inspired inner world that contains so much beauty and can evoke emotion. Annemiek has been affiliated with the HKU since 2004 as a lecturer and since 2015 at the Lectoraat Muzische Professionalisering. Based on her experience, she developed the Masterclass Return-to-Sender, a unique and special masterclass for teams that dare to go further.