The cast for ‘Into the Light: the science and art of storytelling’ consists of many people.
But the leading roles are definetely for theatermakers and your trainers Grainne Delaney and Andreas Vonder.

Andreas Vonder, Sandra Boer, Grainne Delaney, Robert Tordoir

Grainne Delaney
“I move people, emotionally, mentally and physically. I am a fire starter!”

Grainne acquired a Masters Degree in Theatre & Psychology, writing her thesis on the ‘Power of Personal Storytelling through Theatre’. Then she forgot about it for 10 years and went travelling around Europe and Asia performing and improvising. After that, she settled in Amsterdam and became a teacher, trained and practiced as a physiotherapist and then certified as an Energy & Life Coach while raising two (feral) children. This training ‘Into the Light: the science and art of storytelling’ represents a culmination of all her interests and curious connections between the mind, body and voice and using creativity to explore passions and purpose. And before we forget…. she is also an aikido black belt.

Andreas Vonder
“If you want to know me, then you must know my story, for my story defines who I am.” Dan McAdams

Andreas studied Modern Literature at the University of Amsterdam and has worked as a theatre director and playwright ever since. His debut, the play Sirene Rust  (Siren Rest) was first performed in 1997. He was based in Germany for some years from 1999, his work receiving high praise in the press. In the Netherlands, his work has been shown at the Oerolfestival, the Karavaan and the Over het IJ Festival. Notably Omdat het Kan (Because it is Possible), three plays about the financial crisis, in 2009. Andreas harnesses his expertise as a director and playwright to support organizations tackling cultural change and innovation issues.

Andreas also followed the 3-year course in professional communication and the trainers course at Phoenix.

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Sandra Boer, oprichter en directeur Art Partner
Robert Tordoir, oprichter en directeur Art Partner