Long-term student: Directing the vision

Inholland University of Applied Sciences had a problem: the number of long-term students grew alarming. Something had to happen. But what? And especially, by whom? Because many different groups are involved in long-term study. Students, teachers, study counselors, deans and the Executive Board. Art Partner and playwright Andreas Vonder spoke with more than 50 people from different groups and with these conversations as a basis, Andreas wrote a theatrescene for each group. A scene that was read and discussed by the various people involved during a special day. That was sometimes confronting and painful, but above all also enlightening. The first step towards a solution could be taken. And to ensure that this day would last, Machteld Aardse and Kyra Sacks of De Beeldvormers made drawings that touched the core of the scenes.

Long-term students: on the right track

Inholland had put a lot of effort into reducing the number of long-term students. Several projects had been developed. From individual conversations to a long-term training course to get students moving again. It was time to bring all these projects into the limelight. Together with De Beeldvormers and Hein Voorwinde we developed ‘On the right track’. A booklet in which all projects received the attention they deserved and that was full of energy and inspiration to continue on the chosen path.