Tell a good story and everyone listens; tell an authentic story and everyone hangs on your lips, gets into the heart and never forgets again. The difference between a good story and a real story is made by the narrator. How true he is. How much he shows of himself. That requires courage and skills.

KPMG: We really need stories in our work at KPMG. Can you develop a training for us that is mindblowing and can initiate a change?

EIFFEL: Can you help us to translate our vision into the stories of our employees?


Connection is essential for every organization. Connection between employees and the company, between employees, between the different teams and departments and between the employees and the vision of the organization. Because only when there is a connection, employees feel involved and valued and an organization becomes more than just a collection of people. We help to start and maintain sustainable and valuable connections.

The Hague University of Applied Sciences: We have developed a vision, but how do we get that of the paper and in the hearts?

Bartiméus: We are working on our strategic vision, but how do we hear the voice and vision of our employees?


Questions such as 'how do I get diverse talent' and 'how do we get more women at the top' are interesting. But it is even more interesting to create an environment in which matters that stand in the way of equality can be named and resolved. In which employees have the courage to stand up and thereby make all colleagues feel that they are welcome. And where employees experience in practice that everyone can be who he or she is and where everyone gets the same opportunities. We develop artistic interventions to create such a climate.

VUmc: What unwritten values ​​and norms apply in our organization that embed one group and exclude the other group?

KPMG: Why aren't women reaching the top (the real reason)?


Of course we all think that we are congruent in what we say and do. But is that really so? And what if we assume that we can always learn from a mirror that is shown to us? In our assignments we see that leaders always have blind spots. We make them visible.

KPMG: Our content is really good, but our customers tell us that we can improve our presentation skills and mutual team dynamics. What can we learn from the process of theater makers?

Municipality of Almere: Are we, as a management team, as congruent as we think? And what impact does this have on our behaviour individually and as a team?


Innovation and creativity are about the balance between logical and conceptual thinking, between analysis and intuition. This requires people who look different and think differently. Because they are able to bring different worlds together and thereby come up with solutions that are as simple as groundbreaking. Solutions that stick and start lasting change. We have more than forty artists in our network who can boost innovation and change.

The Hague University: One of our core themes is quality. What can we learn from artists in this area?

KPMG: We need more 'artistic fire' in our organization. To be able to keep innovating and to keep reflecting.

KPMG: Can you design a temporary innovation space from a strong content concept?