Johan Bouwmeester

“…. I enjoy it when I see people open up, when they show their qualities and talents, their strength, but also their vulnerability. It strikes me that organizations often have a distorting effect on people. You notice that in the language they speak, the words they use, the things that are and are not spoken about. Unnoticed, the organization often becomes a coat that attracts people, without them knowing it. The people also get glasses right away, even though they are not visually impaired! But how you look determines what you see. ”

I see myself as someone who is able to create a climate in which people can show themselves as they are. To look from there to what the organization actually stands for and what society needs from them. I call that developing value awareness and working from your identity. I do this, among other things, by giving space to the imagination and therefore I like to work with Art Partner.

For example, we organized wonderful management meetings at Horizon College. With Lina Issa we developed a concept with the four elements (fire, water, air and earth) as the basis of a teambuilding program for the entire management. In this we spoke to all the senses and thus created an unforgettable experience for the participants. All figurative coats were discarded and glasses were put off.

And with the Beeldvormers a huge image bank has been created in all sorts of sessions, from which the Horizon College can draw and in which the energy and imagination, but also concrete wishes and ideas are recorded.

Andreas Vonder

“I help people make themselves visible to the other person by telling their personal story. Before I worked with Art Partner I did not have a good idea of ​​the added value I could have as a playwright / director for organizations.

What amazed me most is that what I saw as self-evident from the theater, did not seem so obvious to many (people in) organizations. The metaphor of the theater helped them to look at processes differently. For example, how a director forms his players’ ensemble and takes them into his vision. The importance of rehearsing for a presentation, the tools that are available to make an impact. That preparation is everything. Every detail is reflected in the theater, nothing happens without a reason.

In addition, I was surprised about how few colleagues know each other. How is it possible that there are no unmotivated actors, while many of them are underpaid and never complain about overtime? Whether it is the Triodos Bank or KPMG, the Hague University of Applied Sciences or the municipality of Almere, Eiffel or Heineken, I always see the desire. The desire to meet each other on personal stories.”

With Andreas we worked a.o. with: KPMG, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Heineken, EIFFEL, Ymere, Bierens, Almere Municipality, Inholland University of Applied Sciences and Marketing Queens.

Jacco van Uden

The enormous sincerity in the work of Art Partner. The total absence of slick stories, of bragging, of thinking in cubes and formats. Their open gaze, towards the client, towards the assignment, towards the process and towards the artists. That makes working with Art Partner rather exciting. Art Partner does not bake sweet buns and does not make false promises that everything will be alright.

Good artists loosen up things, and that is not just fun or liberating. Certainly in organizations, working with artistscan be confrontational; you can not turn away  or walk to the next room with other works. In organizations you are not waiting to enjoy the disruptive effect of art at a distance.

The great thing about the people of Art Partner is that they stay close to you and really help you to “get involved”.  That is special, but that did not surprise me either. At Art Partner you get what you see: great people, warm professionals.

Jacco van Uden is a professor at the change management research group of The Hague School of Applied Sciences.

Robert Tordoir

“For 10 years now, we have made organizations aware of the relevance of imagination. Working with organizations and artists on actual and relevant issues remains fascinating, and each question requires a different approach, another artist. If artists have time to investigate the challenges of the organization and are given the space to think of an intervention to create movement, you see their unlikely power. It is fascinating to experience that every intervention they come up with touches and hits the core. That the thinking and doing of employees can really tilt.

To accompany this process from the first moment, with the necessary insecurity that comes with this, gives a huge satisfaction. For me it is the combination of the contact with clients and artists, the formation of the team, the supervision, the preparation, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and the interventions that the artists come up with, which makes our profession so fascinating.”

Robert Tordoir (1966) is an economist and in 2002 he switched from the graphic industry (Mahez) to the largest art lending site in the Netherlands, Kunstcentrum Zaanstad, where he was responsible for lending companies for seven years. While everyone was shocked by the crisis that broke out in 2008, Robert saw opportunities in the creative approach of artists for organizations and started Art Partner together with Sandra.

Robert Tordoir

Sandra Boer

The whole process is inspiring. From the moment of the initial question, formulating the ‘creative question’ together with our clients and artists, casting the creative team, choosing one or more artists, guiding the process. The uncertainty that goes with it. Because we do not walk the beaten track. Because we are not working towards a report, but starting a really different movement. The search of the artists and the confidence that what they come with is always striking.

It sometimes feels like we have been in training for 10 years. We learn in every cooperation with clients and artists. Our own creativity and solution-oriented approach have become greater. In every conversation with an artist we discover new things that organizations can benefit from. The approach of artists is so unique. The kick when it works again, when we are able to lift up the gut feeling, create an insane event, develop a new training, and strengthen a visual identity. The trust of our clients, the way we work together. There is so much to discover.

Sandra Boer