I love listening. And the effect that that listening has on you as a person. And what I find completely magical is that everyone does that in a totally different way. I can also see that in organizations. The same sound evokes all kinds of thoughts in one person, another is carried away by a feeling, another disappears in an old dream.

When I work with teams, I let them make music. They express themselves, they listen to each other and experience the tension between the two. I find it really fascinating to see and hear that when teams make music, that sounds exactly as they are in essence. Often without them knowing it for themselves. A fast marketing team goes on and on, while a team with insecurity stops playing after a minute.

To listen, it is necessary to slow down, stand still, listen around you. As a composer I am looking for that delay and I have noticed that this is also very valuable in organizations.


Photography: Keke Keukelaar