Together with Lina Issa we developed various artistic interventions for the bachelor of VUmc University of Medical Sciences. Interventions that are embedded in the existing learning path around diversity and inclusiveness of which the basis is formed by four questions: “Who is the other? When do you feel most vulnerable? When are you an interpreter or do you need an interpreter? How do you learn empathy?

One of the interventions takes place around the theme ‘dealing with language barriers’. In these interventions the students get to see a film in which a doctor tells about his experiences in this area and the dilemmas for which he came to be. And before he talks about how he has dealt with the dilemma in question, students first have to come up with solutions themselves.

In addition to this intervention, we also developed interventions for the practicals ‘Care Ethics and Diversity’, ‘From Cultural Interview to Cultural Encounter’ and ‘Preventie en Ethics’.