Art Partner allowed me to immerse myself in fascinating work environments where I would never have ended up as a director. The mutual inspiration that it yielded by working in places like KPMG but also Bartiméus I have experienced as very valuable.

The great thing about working with Art Partner is that you, as an outsider, enter an organization, but that enough time is taken for research, so you keep your fresh look as a newcomer, but you come to the essence of the organization. I am amazed every time how well this works and that at the end of such a collaboration I really feel that I have learned and contributed something essential.

I always search for the best fitting medium for the story I want to tell. Sometimes it is a film, then a TV program, a radio play, theater piece or even an online interdisciplinary platform. The story is always leading. My strength is to investigate and address things that are sensitive in an integere but also humorous manner.

With Eefje we worked together with: Bartiméus and KPMG. (Online platform VPRO) 

And nice to mention: in pursuit of the Zwelgplek, Eefje is now working on a VPRO Theme Evening that will be on NPO3 on 4 January 2019: ‘De Nationale Zwelgavond’, an 80-minute TV evening that is all about of all moments in life that things are not going so well.