“I see the theater as a community laboratory, where you as a visitor always consciously or unconsciously occupy a position.With my social playgrounds, I want to give people the opportunity to do, let and think, where the personal and the political touch.

I use the imagination to hack thought patterns, to (re) identify and practice important values, and to shape your own viewpoints and important stories for you.

I work in different forms: for example, I have developed a number of games for groups of people to play and I like to give thought experiments. The nice and exciting thing about this research method is that nobody knows what the end result will look like. With a good starting question and your curiosity you can design a process with a group that can be a work of art in itself.

Furthermore, I give feedback training in the DasArts feedback method, in collaboration with Art Partner, to groups outside the art world. It is nice to see how an instrument that has been developed for groups of artists can also be so enriching for others. ”

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Photography: Bas de Brouwer