“We have an inexhaustible fascination with how people struggle with themselves and the situation they are in. Our theater work is inspired by current, poignant stories from society, on their beauty and their pain.

In the assignments for Art Partner we experienced the enormous power of ‘imagining’. At KPMG we gave a theatrical lecture at the foundation of their Women’s Network. Before that, we had interviewed 100 men and women. We caught on what was said between the lines, we asked, challenged. On the one hand, women were annoyed at how tough the corporate culture was with regard to women, but on the other hand, it was perfectly normal to think that a woman who works part-time is laughed at: ‘yes, we just do that here’. We showed this contradiction in the interactive performance. If we had ‘just’ told them this ‘, the message would not have stuck. But it stuck in the concentrated context of the theatrical reading.”

With Anne Gehring and Vera Ketelaars (together Gehring & Ketelaars) we worked a.o. together with: KPMG and The Hague University of Applied Sciences.