The enormous sincerity in the work of Art Partner. The total absence of slick stories, of bragging, of thinking in cubes and formats. Their open gaze, towards the client, towards the assignment, towards the process and towards the artists. That makes working with Art Partner rather exciting. Art Partner does not bake sweet buns and does not make false promises that everything will be alright.

Good artists loosen up things, and that is not just fun or liberating. Certainly in organizations, working with artistscan be confrontational; you can not turn away  or walk to the next room with other works. In organizations you are not waiting to enjoy the disruptive effect of art at a distance.

The great thing about the people of Art Partner is that they stay close to you and really help you to “get involved”.¬† That is special, but that did not surprise me either. At Art Partner you get what you see: great people, warm professionals.

Jacco van Uden is a professor at the change management research group of The Hague School of Applied Sciences.