“…. I enjoy it when I see people open up, when they show their qualities and talents, their strength, but also their vulnerability. It strikes me that organizations often have a distorting effect on people. You notice that in the language they speak, the words they use, the things that are and are not spoken about. Unnoticed, the organization often becomes a coat that attracts people, without them knowing it. The people also get glasses right away, even though they are not visually impaired! But how you look determines what you see. ”

I see myself as someone who is able to create a climate in which people can show themselves as they are. To look from there to what the organization actually stands for and what society needs from them. I call that developing value awareness and working from your identity. I do this, among other things, by giving space to the imagination and therefore I like to work with Art Partner.

For example, we organized wonderful management meetings at Horizon College. With Lina Issa we developed a concept with the four elements (fire, water, air and earth) as the basis of a teambuilding program for the entire management. In this we spoke to all the senses and thus created an unforgettable experience for the participants. All figurative coats were discarded and glasses were put off.

And with the Beeldvormers a huge image bank has been created in all sorts of sessions, from which the Horizon College can draw and in which the energy and imagination, but also concrete wishes and ideas are recorded.