Studio Wessels Boer animates public spaces with objects or sculptural interventions that make you feel at home, connect you to your surroundings and inspire curiosity. The work is often integrated into the existing architecture or the infrastructure of a space and brings about a bridge between the public and private.

“What surprised me the most during the commission I did with Art Partner was the openness and enthusiasm of those involved. The original assignment in the Henrick de Keijserstraat in Amsterdam asked for a façade artwork, but I came up with a large permanent street rug.

Both the client (Stadgenoot) and the municipality dared to do this and went for it. No one saw too many bears on the road. The permits were no problem and with minimal resources the result was a real metamorphosis. The implementers found it very nice to spray something other than a bike path. The reactions of the residents were very moving. In short, a super collaboration.”

With Marjet we worked together with: Stadgenoot