Even though the content is perfect, if it fails to convey this, much of the quality of the work is lost. The Masterclasses Pitching Skills, which we have developed custom-made based on our experience in guiding teams working on a proposal, bring the performance to the same level as the content.


Led by theater makers and trainers Andreas Vonder, Grainne Delaney, Rosetta Drenth and Erik Willems, 500 partners, directors and senior managers of KPMG will be introduced to the laws of theatere in 2018 and 2019. They learn how to grab the audience’s attention from the very first minute, how they can hold them, which building of a story works best and what the influence of non-verbal communication can be. For many participants it is a big step out of their comfort zone, but one that is more than worth it: after the master classes all participants have skills and self-knowledge that are needed to make more impact in the relationship with their customers.