“From a story or need, I look at an environment or space and adjust it accordingly, by creating a seating object and sometimes by bringing or removing light or sound. In my work I always look for clear solutions to a problem and to the smartest way to make complex questions and /or stories understandable. I always prefer objects and environments with an unmistakable identity.

Through Art Partner I can focus on what is important. The questions and clients often come from a direction that is less accessible to me. The Art Partners often see opportunities that I do not see. Sometimes they ask me while I myself am not 100% convinced that I can contribute something positive to the project, but they are always right in the end. By embracing their enthusiastic and open attitude and their way of experiment, innovative and surprising results emerge.”

Studio Rogier Martens was founded in 2006 and specializes in product and exhibition design and always works in a varied team of specialists.

With Rogier we worked together with a.o.: KPMG, Bierens en Unilever.