The whole process is inspiring. From the moment of the initial question, formulating the ‘creative question’ together with our clients and artists, casting the creative team, choosing one or more artists, guiding the process. The uncertainty that goes with it. Because we do not walk the beaten track. Because we are not working towards a report, but starting a really different movement. The search of the artists and the confidence that what they come with is always striking.

It sometimes feels like we have been in training for 10 years. We learn in every cooperation with clients and artists. Our own creativity and solution-oriented approach have become greater. In every conversation with an artist we discover new things that organizations can benefit from. The approach of artists is so unique. The kick when it works again, when we are able to lift up the gut feeling, create an insane event, develop a new training, and strengthen a visual identity. The trust of our clients, the way we work together. There is so much to discover.

Sandra Boer