About us

Art Partner, since 2008

The power of creativity is unlimited. It stimulates and inspires. It triggers change and creates growth, surprise and confusion. It shows new insights.

For leaders seeking different perspectives for organizational and/or societal challenges. Thus includes anyone who believes imagination, creativity and the artist way can be used as a catalyst for change.

We want to give as many companies and organizations as possible access to the power of creativity. We do this by linking artists to these companies. Because artists are living creativity bombs. They look differently, think differently, ask questions that nobody dares to ask, challenge, stimulate and draw people from their comfort zone. As a result, they can tackle, like no other, the issues that businesses struggle with, tackle and get moving. Every issue or challenge.

Bringing a new vision to the heart of employees to discuss sensitive topics. From fueling innovation to giving an impactful presentation. Different issues that have one thing in common: it always revolves around the change of the mindset within the organization or the company. Or rather: to make this mindset more people-oriented. To give employees the space to be who they are. To give them courage to show themselves, to expose themselves and to be vulnerable. That is sometimes difficult and confrontational. But, as the experience teaches, the reward is great. Because this other mindset has a positive effect on everyone involved and with it on the company or organization.

Our goal is to introduce as many companies as possible to the power of creativity and the other, more people-oriented mindset. Because that is where our added value lies. Since 2008.