“Looking for the place of trouble, where it becomes cloudy, is for me always a place that gives energy, which I also like to encounter, while I never really know how to plan it actively, I try to keep space for not knowing, how difficult it is (time pressure, pressure to ‘make something’) and every time the surprise to find something that is right and yet also very different from what I was looking for. The gifts that are hidden everywhere remain a constant source of wonder. That moment when a company or organization really becomes my studio, that moment ….

What surprises me the most during the assignments I do with Art Partner is the amount of capital that is always present in organizations. In people as a matter of fact. And what kind of fire is involved as soon as you make room to play. How much people really want to say yes, and that they do, but how little space is experienced to act accordingly. While I often see that space very well as an artist. Because that space is indeed there. So the discrepancy between what is and what can be and the willingness to move in it. And what happens when those insights become shared and clear …. And yet every time that – in an attempt to keep an overview – one overlooks what is beneath our noses … ”

With Anook we worked with: ABN AMRO, Theodoor Gilissen Bankers, & Samhoud, KPMG, Future Female Leaders, Almere municipality and Heineken.

www.anookcleonne.nl and www.hetblauweuur.nu