Presenting to an audience is a stressful activity for most people. How do I make an impact? How do I ensure that my message sticks? How do I inspire others? How do I structure my story? How do I come across as confident? How do I control my nerves? What do I do with my hands?

You will receive answers to these and many more questions from theatermakers Grainne Delaney and Andreas Vonder during the storytelling course Into the Light. After training more than 700 people in-company, we now also want to offer individual participants the opportunity to participate in this successful training.

Are you an expert in your field of knowledge and do you want to upgrade your interpersonal skills, deepen the impact on your audience of your mindset and change the experiences of presentations?

Join us! By sending an e-mail to Sandra Boer, Or call me if you have any questions: 0655196542