During the second management conference, the discovery of the vision was central. Every faculty and department was given the opportunity to show where they stood regarding the vision. In an unconventional way: by giving a mini-performance about a topic that they wanted to discuss with the others. A big challenge. To get them on their way, they received support from performance artists Gehring & Ketelaars.

The set-up of the day itself was like a mini parade with different performances on different stages. This created a relaxed atmosphere and a sense of solidarity and gave all participants the opportunity to tell their story in a way that suits them best. This varied from a football game that derailed due to a lack of rules, to a marriage including vows between two departments, to an impressive performance by the IT service around a high-tech application from the future. Various performances that moved and touched. They ensured connection and all contributed to the goal of the day: discovering the deeper meaning of the vision for the organization.