I draw and play with light and am interested in man as a powerful and powerless being in relation to his environment. Drawing is the basis of all my work. By working on location, looking and drawing, I create my own framework, stage or ‘drawing area’, with the audience as part of the work. A place has its own information, visible and invisible, memory and history. I want to make this physically visible and tangible, and for this I use different media. I prefer to work with an analogue large-screen light projector in the public space on, for example, a facade of a building, so that the public can become part of my work.

Sandra Boer and Robert Tordoir, together with Art Partner, had the courage to create a new space for the artists, which was not yet existing at the time. I am proud of them and have been involved in this story. Now it seems almost obvious, but the support and conviction they give to the employer, client, the art and the artist is enormous. I still find it special that both Art Partner and clients give me the openness and the confidence to look, investigate, question and develop new work.

With Machteld we worked together with KPMG, VUmc, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Horizon College, Van Doorne lawyers and notaries, MN and SAIL Amsterdam.

www.machteldaardse.nlĀ en www.debeeldvormers.nl