“For 10 years now, we have made organizations aware of the relevance of imagination. Working with organizations and artists on actual and relevant issues remains fascinating, and each question requires a different approach, another artist. If artists have time to investigate the challenges of the organization and are given the space to think of an intervention to create movement, you see their unlikely power. It is fascinating to experience that every intervention they come up with touches and hits the core. That the thinking and doing of employees can really tilt.

To accompany this process from the first moment, with the necessary insecurity that comes with this, gives a huge satisfaction. For me it is the combination of the contact with clients and artists, the formation of the team, the supervision, the preparation, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and the interventions that the artists come up with, which makes our profession so fascinating.”

Robert Tordoir (1966) is an economist and in 2002 he switched from the graphic industry (Mahez) to the largest art lending site in the Netherlands, Kunstcentrum Zaanstad, where he was responsible for lending companies for seven years. While everyone was shocked by the crisis that broke out in 2008, Robert saw opportunities in the creative approach of artists for organizations and started Art Partner together with Sandra.

Robert Tordoir